Analyse Talavera On Being Betrayed By Her ‘Big Brother’ Housemates: ‘Everyone Likes To Vote However The HOH Wants, Which Is So Annoying’

She may have been all smiles as she exited the “Big Brother” house during Thursday night’s live eviction, but Analyse Talavera isn’t super happy about how her story ended.

After being put on the block as a pawn by her former alliance member Jackson Michie, the college soccer star eventually became the victim after his original target, Christie Murphy, turned the house’s Taco Tuesday upside down by getting into a heated conversation with Nick Maccarone.

Christie blew up Nick’s game and said that she would go after him, which flipped the vote in her favour, sending Analyse home by a vote of 5-1.

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While speaking with ET Canada, the 22-year-old reveals she wasn’t super surprised by the turn of events, but definitely feels betrayed by one person in particular.

“Everyone likes to vote however the HOH wants, and that’s what they did which is so annoying,” she expresses.

“I just feel really betrayed by [Jackson] Michie. I had his back the whole time even after six shooters broke up and he was on an island alone with Holly,” Talavera reveals.

“I had never spoke bad about him or never vocalized to other people I wanted him out. I had showed him time and time that he could trust me and that I had his back.”

When it comes to advice she would give to the remaining houseguests, she says the only way they can further their game is by looking out for themselves.

“They’re at a point of where the game is really individual and they need to start looking out for their own game.”

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Although Christie told the house that she plans on making Nick her target, Analyse reveals she wouldn’t be surprised if they reconciled.

“Christie will make Nick her target because she made a deal and promise to Michie that she would but once he’s out I know she’ll be gunning for them next.”

“But I also wont be surprised if Christie and Nick make up,” she admits. “Christie likes to go back and forth with Nick a lot. Some days she really likes him and trusts him, and some days she wants nothing to do with him.”

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Now that Talavera has become the third member of the jury, would she consider reigniting her relationship with fellow jury member, Jack Matthews?

“I really would love to continue to build on our relationship in the jury house,” she shares.

“As of after the show, I don’t know whats going to happen. But I would love nothing more than to try it outside the house.”

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