Taylor Swift Says She Might Never Play One Of Her ‘Lover’ Tracks Live: ‘It’s Hard To Sing’

Just hours after dropping her new album Lover, Taylor Swift says there’s one track on the album that fans may never hear her perform live.

Admitting the acoustic-guitar based “Soon You’ll Get Better” featuring the Dixie Chicks was the hardest song to write, Swift, says she finds the song “hard to sing.”

“That’s a song I don’t know if I’ll ever play it live. It’s just really difficult for me,” she says after performing select Lover tracks as part of a SiriusXM Town Hall on Friday. “It was hard to write. It’s hard to sing. It’s hard to listen to for me. But sometimes, music is like that. Sometimes it’s not just about stuff that was pleasant to feel.”

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Though the melancholy “Soon You’ll Get Better” may not have been the easiest song for Swift, 29, to write, there’s plenty of other songs on the album that were simple to write – namely the ones she wrote herself.

“I love to collaborate and I love to co-write,” she says. “You know which songs would be great to bring to these amazing collaborators. I’m so lucky to get to work with these people. When I’m writing a song and I think I’m going to stop it and bring it to a co-writer and I can’t, that’s when I end up finishing it myself, so that’s usually because the inspiration is so weirdly, effortlessly potent that I have to finish the song.”

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Swift adds Lover, her seventh album, may just be her favourite one yet.

“It’s been a real joy. I really think it’s my favourite. I love this album so much, and I’m so happy you love it too. It’s been a really good couple of days. I’m really having a great time,” she says.


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