Taylor Swift Opens Up About Working With Harvey Weinstein: ‘I Would Get A Vibe’

Taylor Swift is speaking out about her experience working with Harvey Weinstein, discussing for the first time whether the disgraced Hollywood producer ever behaved inappropriately towards her.

Swift, 29, worked with Weinstein, 67, on a couple of projects together before the producer was brought down by an avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations which spurred the rise of the #MeToo movement. She wrote a song for Weinstein’s 2013 film, “One Chance”, which garnered her a Golden Globe nomination, and was cast in 2014’s “The Giver”, which he produced.

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Swift told The Guardian about her relationship with Weinstein, “He’d call my management and be like, ‘Does she have a song for this film?’ And I’d be like, ‘Here it is.'”

“I absolutely never hung out [with him],” Swift added, explaining that the pair were never alone together.

While Swift says Weinstein never propositioned her, she does say, “I would get a vibe.”

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Swift believes Weinstein’s accusers without a doubt. “I would never vouch for him,” she says. “I believe women who come forward, I believe victims who come forward, I believe men who come forward.”

As for why Weinstein may not have tried to prey on her, Swift suggests it has a lot to do with Weinstein’s predilections. “If you listen to the stories,” she says, “he picked people who were vulnerable, in his opinion. It seemed like it was a power thing. So, to me, that doesn’t say anything – that I wasn’t in that situation.”

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