Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters headlined the Leeds Festival on Friday night, and had a special treat in store for fans at the U.K. music fest.

In an unplanned moment, Grohl spotted a fan in the crowd decked out in an outfit inspired by Freddie Mercury, wearing the late Queen frontman’s signature yellow jacket and white pants with red-and-gold stripes down the sides.

Grohl pulled the fan — named Ryan — onstage and chatted, with Ryan promising to “work the stage.”

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“Alright ladies and gentlemen, [Foo Fighters drummer] Taylor Hawkins is gonna sing a song while Freddie Mercury works the stage,” Grohl told the crowd before taking a seat behind the drum kit while Hawkins stepped to the forefront.

As the band kicked into the opening notes of the iconic Queen-David Bowie collab “Under Pressure”, Hawkins then took lead on Bowie’s vocals while Ryan strutted around the stage doing his best impression of Mercury.

After the song ended, Hawkins told the crowd that the whole thing was as impromptu as it appeared. “We had no f**kin’ idea — not a setup,” he declared. “Not a setup.”

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Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the performance, including a tweet from Ryan’s campground neighbour.