Taylor Swift Says Life In The Public Eye Has Left Her Skin As Thick As Bark: ‘I’m Basically Just An Oak Tree’

Taylor Swift admits she’s been in the public eye for so long that she’s developed skin as thick as tree bark.

That was one of many topics the 29-year-old singer touched on during her extensive interview with Tracy Smith on “CBS Sunday Morning”, in conjunction with the release of her new album Lover.

“I’m used to it; I’ve got a much better threshold now,” said Swift when addressing how she handles haters and being publicly criticized, with Smith asking if she’s got thicker skin now.

“I just got a bark on me now,” she replied with a laugh. “Like an old tree. I’m basically just an oak tree.”

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Swift also calls out a sexist double standard in the music industry, explaining that there’s “a different vocabulary for men and women in the music industry… A man does something, it’s ‘strategic’; a woman does the same thing, it’s ‘calculated.’ A man is allowed to ‘react’; a woman can only ‘over-react.'”

She also speaks out about the controversy that ensue when Scooter Braun purchased the Big Machine label from Scott Borchetta for a reported $300 million, a deal that made Braun the new owner of the master recordings for Swift’s first six albums.

According to Swift, she was blindsided by the news.

“Nobody in your inner circle knew?” Smith asked, with Swift responding, “Nobody knew.”

“And you didn’t smell it?” asked Smith.

“No. I knew he would sell my music; I knew he would do that. I couldn’t believe who he sold it to, because we’ve had endless conversations about Scooter Braun,” she explained. “And he has 300 million reasons to conveniently forget those conversations.”

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She also addressed speculation she’ll fire back by rerecording all those tracks and rereleasing them, admitting it’s under serious consideration.

“Oh, yeah,” Swift replied when asked if that’s her plan. “Yeah, absolutely.”

You can see clips from the interview below.

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