It is hard to believe that it has already been 10 years since Kanye West jumped up on stage at the MTV VMAs and stole the microphone from Taylor Swift to announce his thoughts on how Beyoncé should have won.

It is a moment that is still consistently referenced and now Swift is giving her side of things.

In the special edition of her newly released Lover, fans got the chance to read excerpts from her diaries over the years.

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An entry dated Sept. 18, 2009, five days after the 2009 VMAs, the “You Belong With Me” singer talks about the stage crashing moment.

“Ahh… the things that can change in a week,” she wrote. “If you had told me that one of the biggest stars in music was going to jump on stage and announce that he thought I shouldn’t have won on live television, I would’ve said, ‘That stuff doesn’t really happen in real life’.”

“Well… apparently…. It does,” she adds.

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West did later apologize to Swift, but things have never been peachy between the two. Swift and West have gone on to feud, eventually including West’s wife Kim Kardashian West in the fighting.

Another diary entry talks about her feud with the couple calling that summer the “apocalypse” after Kardashian secretly recorded a phone call between West and Swift.