Jennifer Lopez Talks Sexism In Hollywood, How It Felt To Perform In A G-String In ‘Hustlers’

Jennifer Lopez discusses her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, sexism in Hollywood, and much more in a new interview with Variety.

The singer, who announced her engagement earlier this year, gushes over A-Rod: “He loves being at every show that he can be at. I go to all his baseball games. There were times in my life when my career was going great, and my personal life was going OK. And there were times my personal life was stable but my career was not great.

“This is the first time where I have a really beautiful alignment between the two. I think Alex brought that for me. I love it. We have a beautiful life.”

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Lopez talks about progress for women in Hollywood, telling the publication: “There are so many smart, talented women out there — in front of and behind the camera — and I think we’re at a point where our voices are not stifled as much.

“Because of the #MeToo movement, it’s ‘We are equal, and we want to be treated that way.’ We’ve been making our own opportunities, and as you prove your worth and value to people, they can’t put you in a box. You hustle it into happening, right?”

Lopez also talks about dancing in a G-string in her new film “Hustlers”.

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“I was terrified. I felt exposed. I was like, ‘I’ve never done anything like this. I’m going to be up there in f—ing dental floss. What is this? Who is this person?’ And then you get up there, and you have to have a ‘f— you,’ empowered attitude. You have to take your power back. You have to be so bold.

“It’s almost like when you say you’re a rock star, you have to be arrogant to go up there in front of all those people or you crumble. You realize it’s the same type of balls that it takes to do something like that. And these women have that. They are tough, hard, vulnerable and damaged. It’s a great character to play.”

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