Dean McDermott is offering a revealing peek into his marriage to Tori Spelling in the latest edition of his podcast, “Daddy Issues with Dean McDermott, Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris”.

McDermott, 52, holds nothing back when asked he and Spelling ever engage in any “Donna Martin role-playing” in the bedroom, and admits that she has indeed dressed up like her “BH90210” character for him, while he reveals he’s role-played as “Captain Canuck.”

McDermott also addresses reports about the couple’s financial woes, referencing a story claiming that a sheriff was allegedly empowered to seize $88,000 of Spelling’s “BH90210” salary -reportedly $85,000 per episode.

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“I’m not familiar with it,” McDermott responds of that particular story. “Listen, there are so many stories about us owing money here and there, I don’t know what’s true anymore.”

McDermott also claims — possibly joking — that he has a tattoo right above his privates that reads “Tori’s ****,” spelling out the word in the air, and later discusses how he and Spelling went out and got piercings together.

“Daddy Issues” is a weekly lifestyle podcast presented by and recorded at L.A.’s famed Comedy Store, featuring McDermott, Hunter and Paris — who are all fathers in very different stages in their parental journeys — joined by various celebrity guests.

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“BH90210” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

In a previous edition of “Daddy Issues”, the men welcomed special guest Denise Richards for a conversation that led McDermott to reveal he and Spelling use cannabis lube — you can check out the exchange at the 53-minute mark below: