Tom Holland Promises Next Spider-Man Movie Will Be ‘Very Special’ And ‘Very Different’

Tom Holland wants everyone to know that despite the Sony-Disney split, he’ll still be starring in new Spider-Man movies.

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Appearing at the D23 Expo over the weekend, the actor assured fans: “It’s not the end of me playing Spider-Man. There’s definitely more to come.”

Holland said that discussions are already underway for the next film in the series, according to We Got This Covered.

“We sat down with some of our creatives. We pitched ‘Spider-Man 3’, which is going to be something very special, it’s going to be something very different.”

The actor also teased that the next film will have the superhero interact with a whole new set of characters.

“It’s really exciting, the ideas we have for how we can expand the ‘Spider-Man’ world and bring new characters into it, and crossover with other people,” he said.

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Holland’s comments come after Sony and Disney failed to extend their deal in which Spider-Man was included as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sony, meanwhile, have their own cinematic universe featuring characters from “Spider-Man” comics, including “Venom” and the upcoming “Morbius”.

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