I was one-year-old when Rick Springfield had his first Australian hit titled “Speak to the Sky”; back in 1971.

In the mid-1970s, Springfield temporarily shelved his music career and concentrated on acting, appearing on several of my all time favourite popular television programs like The Rockford Files, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and The Six-Million Dollar Man!

In 1980, he managed to secure a recording contract with RCA and made an album called “Working Class Dog”;, which spawned a hit that will never be forgotten – even when my kids’ kids are having their favourite tunes injected into their arms while laying in a pod in outer space somewhere… “Jessie’s Girl”; will live on and be as big as any hit gets.

The song was everywhere back in the early ’80s – you couldn’t get “it’ and the image of Rick, in that bright pink suit and thin tie, out of your head.

Well he is still performing that song and many others around the world to his adoring fans at the age of 63! Yes, it’s almost like “we have the technology to rebuild this man”; night in and night out as he charismatically runs around up onstage like he’s 21.

He is one of the nicest, most down to earth “rock stars”; you’ll ever meet and many of his fans have met him, had their pictures with him, had a conversation with him – including me, and you can see it all in my interview below! He talks about his music, General Hospital, his new documentary An Affair of the Heart (set to premiere on EPIX channel May 15) and why he feels for Justin Bieber.