“It: Chapter Two” is getting ready to scare in theatres next week.

The sequel is going to flash-forward 27 years from the first film with a mostly new cast, which includes Jessica Chastain and Jay Ryan.

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When ET Canada digital reporter Graeme O’Neil sat down with the stars in the same Chinese restaurant where some scary stuff went down, it’s safe to say he was a little jumpy. But, that didn’t stop him from asking the duo which frightening flick has freaked them out the most.

“‘Exorcist’, I saw it when I was like eight. That was scary,” Chastain reveals.

“I was always freaked out by Freddy Krueger. That was a big one. ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,” Ryan shares.

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Although they may have been frightened by those films, their new horror movie “It: Chapter Two” is filled with even more screams. But as it turns out, those didn’t all take place during production.

Earlier this month, Chastain shared a hilarious video on Instagram of her filming Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) post-production for some of her screaming scenes, and just as we imagined, it wasn’t the greatest experience for the award-winning actress.

“I’ve lost my voice on many of films because the ADR of screaming and like and all those noises that you have to make have really worn me out,” she reveals.

“This movie in particular the ADR post record session was a marathon. It was like five hours of running on the spot, sweating, screaming,” Ryan adds.

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In addition to the screaming, no horror film would be complete without blood, and as Chastain tells us – there was a lot of it.

“I didn’t realize that I was going to be wearing the blood for over a month. They would be pouring it on me. It actually you know it dyed my hair? Because the colour from it or whatever — I had like really dark red spots in my hair,” the 42-year-old hilariously explains.

Now, when it comes to the possibility of an “It: Chapter Three”, the co-stars share that it’s (sadly) not going to happen.

“I would say no because Andy [Muschietti] would never make a chapter three,” Chastain admits.

“We’ve run out of book. We’re done the two parts so it would have to be made up,” adds Ryan.

For more from Chastain and Ryan, check out the extended cut of the interview below.

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