According to Tori Spelling, reports of her cosmetic surgery — and how much she’s undergone — are exaggerated.

The “BH90210” star touches on public perception of her augments in a new cover story for People. “The one thing for me that has stuck forever was the plastic surgery thing,” she says. “I literally had my nose done and my boobs done and that’s it.”

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“I’m constantly reading that I’ve done more,” Spelling continues. “People have been talking about me having plastic surgery since I was 17,” she adds. “I remember my dad saying, ‘Don’t worry. It will go away next week.’ But that one thing has stayed with me my entire career!”

Spelling, 46, also opens up about her experience as the daughter of legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, who created numerous hit series ranging from “The Love Boat” to “Beverly Hiss, 90210″.

“I always felt so misunderstood,” she confesses. “I was either Aaron Spelling’s daughter or I was Donna Martin. I was nobody else. And it was really hard for me to get past that.”

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“I became a people pleaser because if I didn’t smile it was like, ‘Oh the producer’s rich daughter, she’s a b**ch,” Spelling exclaims. “For me doing reality [shows], I could show people, ‘I’m just like you!’ I always thought if people could meet me, we’d be friends.”

Spelling can currently be seen reprising her role as Donna on “BH90210”, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Global.