As Hurricane Dorian barrels toward Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory is bracing for a repeat of the devastation and destruction wrought by last year’s Hurricane Maria.

For President Donald Trump, the situation apparently called for some disparaging tweeting, beginning with an early-morning tweet promising that FEMA “will do a great job,” and that the people of the island should “give them a big Thank You – Not like last time.”

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After apparently chastising Puerto Ricans for not being grateful enough, he also took a shot at “the incompetent Mayor of San Juan,” Carmen Yulín Cruz, who raised the president’s ire last year when she criticized the Trump administration’s slow response to the emergency.

About two hours later, Trump followed that up by blasting Puerto Rico as “one of the most corrupt places on earth,” accusing its politicians of being “either incompetent or Corrupt,” implying the emergency relief funds sent there were stolen by local politicians.

Trump then added a self-aggrandizing topper, declaring himself to be “the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico!”

One Puerto Rican native offered a blistering reply, with singer Marc Anthony firing back at Trump: “Wow Mr. whatever you are. We all just read your DEMENTED tweet about my beloved Puerto Rico. Coming from a gruesome individual like YOU it makes perfect sense. Filled with corruption and incapable of managing a fully staffed HOUSE.”

Anthony is far from the only Puerto Rican to take issue with Trump’s tweets; check out this scathing response from the mayor of San Juan: