Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller joked about having hall passes as they chatted with Sam Rubin on “KTLA Morning News” in Los Angeles this week.

Rubin asked Rogen whether Miller got jealous about him kissing Charlize Theron in the movie “Long Shot”.

Miller joked, “I actually ask him, ‘PLEASE, tell me what it’s like,’ I want to know! I want to kiss Charlize Theron. I’m so jealous.”

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As the pair were then indirectly asked if they had an open relationship, Rogen laughed: “No, we don’t have an open relationship, if that’s what you’re asking!”

Miller did add though, “Oh, there’s a hall pass for Brad Pitt!”

Rogen quipped, “Yes, either of us are allowed to sleep with Brad Pitt, or Charlize Theron, at any given moment. Just to be fair!”

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Rogen and Miller, who have been together since 2004, married in Sonoma County, California, in 2011 after a one-year engagement.

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