“Panini” is more than just a song for Lil Nas X, it is a way of life.

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The “Old Town Road” rapper’s road to the 2019 MTV VMAs was documented by Vogue for their candid pre-awards show series. The publication followed Lil Nas X as he prepared for this year’s event.

The video hilariously kicks off with the 20-year-old rapper snacking on and singing to a panini.

Lil Nas X’s fashion sense is on full display as he rocks colourful and eccentric styles beyond the cowboy look he has become famous for. His stylist, Hodo Musa, said Lil Nas X looks for ensembles that are “electric, playful, colourful, and futuristic.”

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Lil Nas X was nominated for an outstanding eight VMAs and took home two. Watch the video above to see how the young rapper prepared for the big event.