Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite in a newly-released “Terminator: Dark Fate” trailer.

Hamilton is at the centre of the latest teaser, with Mackenzie Davis starring as an “enhanced human.” The clip follows the pair as they work to protect a young girl.

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The upcoming movie follows James Cameron‘s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.

Hamilton then says at the end of the teaser, “I’ll be back.”

Director Cameron told Deadline of the flick, “We rolled up our sleeves and started to break out the story and when we got a handle on something we looked at it as a three-film arc, so there is a greater story there to be told.

“If we get fortunate enough to make some money with ‘Dark Fate’ we know exactly where we can go with the subsequent films.”

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See some of the reaction to the new trailer below.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” hits theatres Nov. 1.

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