Bear Grylls had a life-threatening encounter from, of all things, a bee sting.

The extreme nature survivalist was stung by a bee while filming his series “Treasure Island With Bear Grylls”. Grylls, 45, went into anaphylactic shock after suffering a life-threatening allergic reaction.

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Grylls tried to keep shooting after the sting but medics rushed to him as his condition worsened. “I think that Bear is an impressive guy,” brain surgeon Mano Shanmug-anathan said according to The Blast. “He understands his tasks at hand and knows what he has to achieve.”

“The irony of Bear the survivalist being stung, having the potential of an allergic reaction, and needing to be treated with an EpiPen, was a bizarre moment,” the surgeon continued. “That was crazy!”

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Grylls addressed the bee sting on a recent Instagram Story. “Training hard,” he shared. “Thanks for the many kind messages… I’m all good!” He capped off the message with a bee emoji and a winky face emoji.

“Treasure Island” premieres in September and boasts a cash prize for the winner.