The fashion and beauty brand Dior is facing serious backlash after launching their latest ad campaign.

Dior teased the campaign for their Sauvage fragrance in a clip posted to social media featuring Rosebud Sioux dancer Canku Thomas One Star performing the tribe’s Fancy War Dance.

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In another post, Dior paired photos of Canku Thomas with a longer explanation of the campaign, writing that it was “developed as a close collaboration between the House of Dior and Native American consultants from the 50-year old Indigenous advocacy organization, Americans for Indian Opportunity, in order to respect Indigenous cultures, values and heritage.”

Dior also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the creation of the campaign, featuring Johnny Depp, who is the face of the fragrance line. In the video, one of the Native American consultants on the campaign discusses the importance of avoiding cultural appropriation.

Despite their explanation, Dior faced immediate backlash on social media, with many accusing the brand of engaging in cultural appropriation.

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Many also criticized actor Depp for his involvement in the campaign.

After all the backlash online, the social media accounts for Dior deleted all traces for the campaign. They have not released a statement at this time and it is unclear if the fragrance will still hit shelves.