Brandy and Monica won a Grammy for their 1998 duet “The Boy is Mine”, but don’t let that lead you to believe they didn’t hate each other’s guts.

Or at least that’s what the song’s co-producer, Dallas Austin, claims in a new interview with Vlad TV, discussing the “heavyweight beef” that existed between the two singers.

According to Austin, the pair disliked each other so much they recorded their parts of the song separately to avoid being in the same room together, and the bad blood between the two once resulted in a physical altercation backstage at a 1998 award show right before they were supposed to perform.

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“Before they could even get to the stage, Monica decked her in the face, popped her in the face backstage and this was even before the performance,” Austin said.

While everyone who witnessed the punch wondered how the two could possibly perform together “when they were at war with each other,” Austin admitted that “it worked out because the song is supposed to be a war with each other, so nobody could really tell she got punched in the face before the performance.”

Asked why the two would be feuding so heavily when they had a hit song together, Austin responded, “Because they just never did like each other in the first place.”

As Austin explained, “Monica was very ghetto when you get down to it… I think Brandy may have have looked at her a certain way a couple times.”

He added: “Monica was at the epitome of finding her real self. She went through a lot of stuff and If you didn’t have gold teeth, she didn’t like you. She was really hood in Atlanta.”

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When it came time to shoot the video for “The Boy is Mine”, Austin said they would work together when they had to, but in between takes they would go their separate ways. “No interactions, no friendships, no nothing,” he said.

As for whether the two are still feuding, there must have been enough of a thaw for the pair to reunite in 2012 for a another single, “It All Belongs to Me”.

While Austin was unsure whether the punch was thrown at the AMAs or the VMAs, it’s likely this performance he was referencing:

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