Jordan McGraw Says His Dad Dr. Phil’s ‘Tricks Don’t Work On Me’

Dr. Phil has a knack for psychoanalyzing people, but apparently, his son is immune from such techniques.

Musician Jordan McGraw opened up about what it’s like growing up with a famous father. “Everybody asks if he influenced my performing, no, but my taste, yeah,” he told People. “We always had music playing in the house.”

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McGraw mentioned Led Zeppelin as one of the bands he grew up listening to. Despite Dr. Phil’s good taste in music, “he can’t clap on beat or play the radio,” McGraw shared.

McGraw also revealed he has immunity from his dad’s psychoanalysis. “His tricks don’t work on me,” he teased.

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As McGraw’s star grows brighter, he has leaned on advice from his dad. “Just to have fun and not to worry about what people think,” McGraw shared. “I don’t care what someone wants to say if it’s negative. If they want to hang out and be positive, great.”

McGraw is the youngest of Dr. Phil’s two sons.

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