Bob Odenkirk Joins Errol Morris For 19 ‘Global Meltdown’ PSAs

Bob Odenkirk is bringing some dark humour to the climate change crisis.

In 19 30-second PSAs from director Errol Morris, the “Better Call Saul” actor, 56, stars as Admiral Horatio Horntower teaching the world about the reality of the “Global Meltdown”.

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“I have never had any trouble believing in climate change, global warming, or whatever you want to call it,” Morris said of the series in a statement. “The scientific evidence is overwhelming. Galileo famously replied to Archbishop Piccolomini (or some other Vatican prelate), ‘And yet it moves.’ Today we could just as well say, ‘And yet it changes.’ But what to do about it? Logic rarely convinces anybody of anything. Climate change has become yet another vehicle for political polarization. If Al Gore said the Earth was round there would be political opposition insisting that the Earth was flat. It’s all so preposterous, so contemptible.”

He added, “I’ve created nineteen thirty-second spots that profile a character I created: Admiral Horatio Horntower. He’s an admiral of a fleet of one and perhaps the last man on Earth. Hopefully, it captures the absurdity and the desperation of our current situation. No pie graphs, no PowerPoint—just a blithering idiot played by one of my favourite actors, Bob Odenkirk.”

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The new series of videos are in support of the Institute Of The Future.

Check out all 19 clips here.

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