Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are giving back to their adopted home in the hour of its greatest need.

The longtime HGTV Canada hosts have launched a GoFundMe to raise funds in support of Bahamas Out Islands hit by Hurricane Dorian.

The devastation caused to the Bahamas by the hurricane hits close to home for the Bauemlers, whose HGTV Canada series “Island of Bryan” follows the family’s efforts to renovate a boutique hotel in the Caribbean nation.

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While the Bauemler’s Caerula Mar Club was not directly impacted by the hurricane and sustained no damage, the storm continues to affect numerous people throughout the Bahamas, causing massive destruction throughout its northern islands.

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Caerula Mar was not directly impacted or damaged by Dorian, however the storm continues to affect many islands in the Bahamas. After experiencing Hurricane Irma first hand, we are aware of the necessary resources that will be required to rescue, regenerate and rebuild communities. If you are able to assist, we ask you to join founders Bryan, Sarah, and their family in supporting these relief efforts. A GoFundMe page (link in bio) has been set up with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Bahamas Out Islands in need. Caerula Mar will be working directly with local government, the Red Cross and other agencies to assist in Dorian recovery efforts. #Repost @caerulamar

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“Our hearts are breaking for the people that have been affected by this devastating storm,” reads a message on the GoFundMe page.

The fund has been set up with 100 per cent of the proceeds going directly to the Bahamas Out Islands in need, while Caerula Mar will be working directly with local government, the Red Cross and other agencies in order to assist in Dorian recovery efforts. The fundraising campaign will run until Sept. 30 and the Baeumler Family Foundation (a registered Canadian charity) will be matching all proceeds.

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As of Thursday, the fundraising effort has far surpassed its original goal of $10,000, raising more than $77,000 and counting.

“Those two islands have completely gone through a blender. And people who had very little have absolutely nothing left,” Bauemler told Global News. “We have staff and friends and family on South Andros that have family [there] as well — a couple of our office staff actually lost a sister in Abaco during the storm. So it hits quite close to home.”

As Baeumler explains, launching the GoFundMe was the least he could do for the Bahamanian people who have welcomed him into their country.

“Taking care of community, taking care of family is very important. [They’re] very tight-knit communities, very friendly, very warm and welcoming,” he said. “They are the first people to help when you need help. That’s one of the reasons we fell in love with the island here — and fell in love with the people more so — and wanted to do something to help them out.”

You can make a donation right here.