Lil Nas X Insists He’s ‘Not Mad At Kevin Hart’ After Those Coming Out Comments

Kevin Hart got some heat for his reaction during an interview alongside Lil Nas X, but the rapper is not mad about it.

The two performers were on HBO’s talk show “The Shop: Uninterrupted” when series writer Paul Rivera asked the “Old Town Road” rapper about his coming out in July.

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“He said he was gay. So what!” Hart interjected while another voice off-screen added, “Who cares?”

Rivera responded, “It’s not about who cares – that’s actually my question.”

Lil Nas X, taking the situation in stride, started to explain, “It’s not like being forced, it’s just that growing up (I’m meant to) hate this s**t.”

Hart then interrupted once more, asking, “Hate what? Why?”

“Homosexuality, gay people,” Lil Nas X responded. “Come on now, if you’re really from the hood, you know.”

The rapper continued, “For me – the ‘cool dude with the song’ – on top of everything to say this. Any other time I’m doing this for attention in my eyes but if you’re doing this while you’re at the top, you know it’s for real, and it’s showing that it doesn’t really matter.”

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Hart, who last year dropped out of hosting the Academy Awards after old homophobic tweets resurfaced, got renewed blowback on Twitter for his interruptions.

Lil Nas X was then asked about the whole thing during an interview with DJ Scream and Moran Tha Man for their Atlanta-based show, “Hoodrich Radio” Tuesday.

“I’m not mad at Kevin Hart,” he insisted while talking about dealing with social media trolls.

“If you say anything your words get twisted, then you’ve got to say something about that…” he added in a clip shared by TMZ.

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