Maren Morris Remembers Taking A ‘Walk Of Shame’ After Failed ‘American Idol’ Audition

Before making it big, Maren Morris auditioned for every reality singing competition there was.

The multiple Grammy Award winner, 29, sat down with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night’s “Late Night” and recalled her “very traumatic” experience trying out for “American Idol”.

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“You don’t see Paula [Abdul] and Simon [Cowell] and Randy [Jackson] in the first go audition,” she explained. “It’s like a stadium cattle call. You audition for, like, a 20-year-old producer who probably has no music cred. You just sing for, like, eight seconds and sing your heart out.”

But when she got cut, it hurt.

“I just remember being, like, 17, and I had to, like, walk through the walk of shame out to the parking lot and find my mom’s car and just cry on the way home with her,” she said. “But, I mean, it all worked out.”

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Morris also tried out for “Star Search”, “The Voice”, and “America’s Got Talent”, but they all were a no.

“The poetic justice of that whole thing is that now people, like, audition with my songs on those shows,” she added. “So, I just get the cheque in the mail.”

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