Louis Tomlinson is back with a new single and a slightly different sound.

In the One Direction alum’s latest tune, the singer samples a indie-pop vibe for his catchy “Kill My Mind” track.

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“Kill My Mind” is a follow up to his “Two Of Us” single,  off Tomlinson’s upcoming debut solo album.

Tomlinson unveiled the music video for the song Friday, with the singer belting out the catchy lyrics on stage.

“‘Kill My Mind’ is a song about having fun and doing silly things when you’re younger. It’s about going through an experimental phase in your youth, and doing things that might not be good for you, but they are exciting,” Tomlinson said of the new song.

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Adding, “The next few songs I have coming out finally represent me as an artist. For a while I was recording music that I thought would get me on the radio. I felt like I had to make a certain sound of music, but then I had a moment where I sat and thought, I just need to make music that is true to myself.”

Tomlinson has yet to annouce a title and release date for his album.