Lana Del Rey isn’t pleased with one reviewer’s take on her new album and fired back by criticizing the critic.

NPR music critic Ann Powers wrote an in-depth review of the singer’s latest, Norman F**king Rockwell that, despite being largely positive, contained one passage that rankled Del Rey enough that she felt compelled to respond.

In one paragraph, Powers discusses the album track “Cinnamon Girl”, describing the lyrics as “B-plus poetics. There’s some moaning about how no one has ‘held me without hurting me’ and half-formed thoughts about words she cannot speak.”

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Powers compares “this vague non-story” to lyrics “randomly pulled” from Joni Mitchell’s “Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire”, writing, “Mitchell’s lyric reads as poetic and incisive. Next to it, Del Rey’s feels uncooked.”

Del Rey clearly took offence to that comparison, calling out Powers on Twitter to declare that she doesn’t “even relate to one observation you made about the music”: “There’s nothing uncooked about me… Never had a persona. Never needed one. Never will.”

She fired off one more tweet, telling Powers, “So don’t call yourself a fan like you did in the article.”

Powers responded in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

“It is a critic’s responsibility to be thoughtful and honest to herself in responding to artists’ work, and an artist’s prerogative to disagree with that response,” Powers said. “I respect Lana Del Rey and hope that her music continues to receive the passionate appreciation it has received for years.”

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