Pamela Anderson and Meghan McCain got into a heated debate on Friday’s “The View”.

During Anderson’s appearance on the daytime talk show, McCain angerly confronted the “Baywatch” actress about her meeting with the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, calling him a “cyberterrorist” who, she claims, has put America’s security at risk.

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“It’s devastating that people have fallen for this smear campaign especially in America,” Anderson said of Assange, who she calls the “most innocent man in the world.”

“I feel like an outsider looking in, looking at how America has embraced all this—this propaganda.”

Anderson also claimed Assange’s heath is “really deteriorating” since he was moved from the Ecuadorian embassy and imprisoned on conspiracy charges.

After some back-and-forth with the other co-hosts, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Abby Huntsman, McCain jumped in, claiming Ecuador kicked him out of their embassy because he was “defecating everywhere.”

“That’s a smear campaign—that’s not true,” Anderson shot back before asking McCain what she would do if she was locked up for six years.

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“Well, I wouldn’t be a cyberterrorist, which he is,” the co-host replied. “He hacked information. His leaks included classified documents that put our national security at risk, our military and the lives of spies and diplomats at risk.”

Anderson defended Assange for a second time, claiming he has exposed war crimes. McCain slammed the actress and Assange once again.

“He’s a cyberterrorist. I’ll say it! I’ll say it!” McCain jabbed. “I’m not going to stand by this. It’s ridiculous.”