Bruce Dickinson was not happy with the Tacoma Dome, so much so that he stopped an Iron Maiden concert mid-way through their set to slam the venue.

But after addressing the audience about a violent and bloody incident in the crowd, police are clearing the air on what actually happened.

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In a fan-recorded video, Dickinson ripped apart the Dome claiming their security was to blame for the incident, “I hope that kid is getting hospital treatment now because he’s bleeding from head wounds. I hope that kid takes this building to the f***ing cleaners!”

But in a new report from TMZ, Tacoma police say a 26-year-old male was intoxicated and causing problems with other fans, and when he was asked to leave he refused.

Police say he then allegedly punched a security guard, who called for police assistance to remove the fan. He also reportedly declined medical aid.

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According to Dickinson, despite playing for hundreds of thousands of people on tour, he’s never seen this kind of “f**king madness.”

He also asked the crowd for any video of the “beat down”, hoping to find the “bullies and the f**king criminals who are responsible.”

TMZ says it is still unclear if the victim will press charges.

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