It’s not so surprising that Bryce took on the role of director given that her dad is the famous Ron Howard, who is featured in the film, obviously. But it wasn’t so easy to get him on board.

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“My dad straight up when I first pitched this, he was like, ‘Not with our family,’” Bryce told People and Entertainment Weekly at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film premiered on Friday. Bryce explains, “When it came to telling a version of my family story — that was something that my dad wasn’t interested in.”

So what did Bryce do?

The “Jurrasic World” star went behind her father’s back and stole her family’s old home videos. “I did! I didn’t tell him. My mom was very cool with it because it was very important to me that I got her consent,” says Bryce.

Photo: TIFF
Photo: TIFF

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It was only a matter of time until Ron changed his mind and agreed to be in the documentary. After all, he wouldn’t want to miss out on such a special moment for his daughter.

The film also includes a few more Hollywood dads like Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith and Neil Patrick Harris, who share their sweet thoughts on what it means to be a dad. Stepping outside of Hollywood, the doc takes a trip around the world to shine a light on non-celebrity dads, who add their take on the ever changing essence of fatherhood.