Louis Tomlinson Feels Like A Whole New Person Following New Release ‘Kill My Mind’

Louis Tomlinson released a new song called “Kill My Mind” on Thursday, Sept. 5.

The former One Direction member feels completely revitalized after the out-pour of love and support from his fans.

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One fan wrote to Tomlinson, “Seeing you happy is everything. Super proud of you Louis.”

The rock-inspired track holds a special meaning as Tomlinson confesses, “This single ‘Kill My Mind’ is the closest I’ve got in all of my singles to where I feel comfortable,” in an interview with Hits Radio Breakfast. “Where I’m at with this single I’m actually really proud and relieved to finally find my place, find my lane musically,” says the singer while promoting his new single in London.

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Tomlinson thanks the team of people behind him, tweeting, “Thank you to everyone single person involved in today’s release. I feel so invigorated!”

And of course, the singer takes a moment to address his fans with a heartwarming message, “Most importantly to my fans, honestly today was a moment for us. Seeing all of you support the record in your own initiative ways is incredible for me to see. Even if I don’t always see you all I feel your presence and your backing. Love to you ALL!”

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