Helen Hunt And Paul Reiser Reveal What To Expect From The ‘Mad About You’ Revival

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are stepping back into the New York apartment they once inhabited as Jamie and Paul Buchman on the hit ’90s sitcom “Mad About You”, and they are finally offering some details about what fans can expect when the series returns.

The show, which originally aired on NBC but will now debut 12 new episodes for the U.S. cable outlet Spectrum, finds the Buchmans sending their now-adult daughter Mabel off to college while to navigating the tensions of married life as empty nesters.

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While attending PaleyFest in Beverly Hills on Saturday, Hunt told Variety, “We wanted [the show] to be the things that it always was, which was funny, number one; about something we give a s**t about; and that it had that tension between how beautiful love can be and how hard it can be to love someone. That tension is the show.”

Reiser added, “We had to keep in mind who we’re doing this for. I don’t know if anyone who didn’t watch the original will watch this.”

Both Hunt and Reiser are executive producers on the series, while Reiser wrote the first episode of the new series and Hunt, in turn, directed it.

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“I thought, if I do the first one, something will be lost because there will be one less set of eyes and I’ll be doing a bunch of jobs,” Hunt explained.  “But something will be gained, too, because I’m a detail freak. And the details of the first episode matter: the first shot we have is the things [Mabel’s] taking to college, and I stole some things from my daughter’s room and made sure they aged the guitar. I care about all of that in a way that maybe somebody else wouldn’t care as much.”

The new season of “Mad About You” debuts Nov. 20.

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