Ellen DeGeneres Slams Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Backlash, Talks About Meeting The Royals And Baby Archie

Ellen DeGeneres talks about meeting Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and baby Archie as her show returns for season 17 Monday.

DeGeneres hits out at the backlash the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been facing over taking numerous private jets.

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She tells viewers, “They are so amazing, the cutest couple and so down to earth. I hate it, I see them get attacked and it’s not fair.

“They’re two of the most compassionate people, they’re doing so much good for the world.

“Portia [de Rossi] and I talked to them about the conservation they’re doing for the wildlife, they’re doing all this work in Botswana for elephants and I love that.

“I got to hold little Archie, I fed Archie.”

DeGeneres spent some of her summer in Europe, which is when she made a stop by England to visit the royals. As well as discussing their work for wildlife conservation, they also spoke about The Ellen Fund.

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