Charlie Puth is over people asking him about his relationship status.

Over the weekend the “One Call Away” singer confirmed he is “single now”, in hopes people would stop “asking” him about it.

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“Only because I want people to stop asking the question… Yes I am single now,” he declared in a tweet. “[A]nd please don’t believe everything you read…Thank you.”

Puth was previously linked to singer Charlotte Lawrence and even confirmed their relationship in a sweet Valentine’s Day post last February.

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“Happy valentine’s day,” he wrote on Instagram at the time while wrapping his arm around Lawrence.

While it is unclear if Puth was referring to Lawrence in his tweet on Sunday, fans have speculated it is the “Why Do You Love Me” artist as Puth has since deleted any evidence of Lawrence from his social media pages.

Meanwhile, Puth is gearing up to release his third studio album with the record’s first single, “I Warned Myself”.