Russo Brothers Says ‘Spider-Man’ Deal With Disney And Sony ‘Was Always A Complicated Marriage’

The Russo Brothers are not all that heartbroken about how the Disney-Sony split will affect the future of “Spider-Man”.

That is because facilitating and maintaining the relationship between the two corporate parties was exhausting. Anthony and Joe Russo broke their silence on the split in a new interview with The Daily Beast.

“We were extremely passionate about it,” Anthony said of bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “This is something we really wanted to happen and fought a long time internally at Marvel to make it happen.”

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“It wasn’t easy,” Joe added. “Kevin [Feige] went through a lot. There were a lot of ups and downs, and he kept walking into our office and we’d go, ‘Look, we’ve got to do it with [Sony],’ and he’d go, ‘OK, I’ll figure it out,’ and walk back into his. He was looking for the way out.”

The trouble of getting Sony and Disney to work together caused Feige a big headache. “He wanted to open that door and have us go, ‘We figured it out! We don’t need Spider-Man!” Joe added. “Because it’s a lot of work to get two major corporations to play nice with each other.”

“The fact that it happened at all, we should all be dancing and celebrating that we got that little bit of time,” he noted.

“I think that’s why Joe and I are not so devastated or surprised that there’s been a falling-out,” Anthony chimed in. “Because it was so hard to make it happen in the first place.”

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“It was always a complicated marriage,” Anthony said about the Disney-Sony partnership. “We’re thrilled that we got to introduce a new version of Spider-Man to the world and we’re grateful for the time we had with the character.”

The Russo Brothers say they don’t know what the future holds for “Spider-Man” with Tom Holland. “In terms of how it moves forward, we can’t comment beyond saying it’s complicated,” they told Variety, adding they don’t know “how things are playing out on an inside level.”

Sony and Disney were unable to reach a new agreement for their continued “Spider-Man” collaboration. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” has generated more than $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office.

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