Pennywise is on the lookout for a date in James Corden’s new “IT”/”The Bachelorette” skit.

Corden takes on the role of the terrifying clown once again in the “Late Late Show” clip, trying to win over “Bachelorette” Ashley.

Pennywise goes against a bunch of Tylers, all personal trainers, in the video, telling them: “It’s about to get turnt, boys. I’m excited. I love talent shows.”

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He adds, “I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to be the physical manifestation of your worst nightmare.”

Despite Pennywise wooing Ashley with his dance moves and chat, she isn’t sure when he says things like: “I’ve wanted kids for a long time, they’re so sweet and tender and delicious.”

The guys end up coming across a bunch of missing children posters and show them to the “Bachelorette” star with the hopes of eliminating Pennywise from the competition.

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The clown obviously finds out and isn’t impressed. See if he lands himself a date in the clip above.

“It: Chapter Two” is in theatres now.

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