Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Donald Trump Is ‘In Love With Me’

Arnold Schwarzenegger considers Donald Trump a fan, no matter what mean things the U.S. President says about the former California Governor.

Schwarzenegger, 72, speaks about Trump, 73, while covering the October 2019 issue of Men’s Health with his “Terminator: Dark Fate” co-star Gabriel Luna. Trump publicly ridiculed Schwarzenegger’s low-rated stint as host of “Celebrity Apprentice” but Arnie pays no mind.

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“He’s in love with me. That’s the reality of it,” Schwarzenegger claims. “With Trump, he wants to be me… I don’t think he fears me. But I remember that in the old days when we went to the wrestling matches, the way he admired people with bodies, and the way they would jump around in the ring, and to perform physical stunts and stuff like that – he had great admiration for that.”

“He asked me, ‘How do you do that, with the movies? I mean, it’s so believable,'” the actor continues. “He drilled down to specific questions that fascinated him. It was about ‘How do you sell something? Like, a scene. How do you go and act out a scene so that I get affected emotionally?’ He was fascinated by that.”

Part of what Schwarzenegger dislikes about Trump’s Presidency is how much it mirrors Schwarzenegger’s own stint in politics: “I always complain about Trump not being able to shift from Trump to President. Well, the reason why I say this is because I saw that with myself, that I was not able to shift from Arnold to Governor.”

“I was still stuck as Arnold. Arnold always gets things done. I forced my way in there, then I do it and do it and do it and do it until it gets done. And I felt the same thing I can do with politics,” he says. “But I learned quickly that that’s really not the way it works. You got to be able to bring people together. It takes much more time, much more effort, but that’s just the way it is.”

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Schwarzenegger also touches on why “Terminator” captured fans’ imaginations. “People really admired the character, because he was able to do things they all wanted to do,” he says. “Everyone wants to wipe out the police station – because it was not a human being doing it, it was the machine doing it.”

“Terminator: Dark Fate” premieres Nov. 1.

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