Anna Faris Reveals How She Got Unbanned From New Zealand

Anna Faris touched on why she was banned from New Zealand and how she mended that bridge.

Faris shared the story on a recent episode of Justin Long’s “Life is Short” podcast. The trouble started when Faris was filming 2010’s “Yogi Bear” the movie.

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“Did I ever tell you about how I got kicked out of New Zealand? I didn’t get kicked out, that sounds so dramatic,” she told Long. “I did ‘Yogi Bear’ there and I was walking… and it was a long shoot and there were days… most days I only said, ‘Yogi!’ So, you know, very fulfilling.”

One of these days, a producer on the film invited her to a Queens of the Stone Age concert. She headed back early. “I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and a backpack,” she recalled. “And this car drives by and these dudes yell out like, ‘Show us your tits!’ But in a New Zealand accent.”

Another car drove by and someone yelled, “we wanna f**k your p**sy.” Faris “felt like, what is up with that? But I could handle it.”

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“I recounted this story, because it was the only one I had, on ‘The George Lopez Show’, this very short-lived George Lopez show,” she explained. “And then I got a letter from the Minister of Tourism of New Zealand that I was no longer welcome in their country.”

The country felt slandered by Faris’ remarks. “It became a whole thing,” Faris said. She wrote a letter to a New Zealand newspaper and Minister of Tourism apologizing. At the end of the letter she wrote, “we have a lot of ding dongs here in America as well.”

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