Kelly Ripa Breaks Guinness World Record With 300 People Balancing En Pointe

Who knew Kelly Ripa was a ballerina.

The “Live With Kelly And Ryan” host shocked us all on Tuesday morning when she not only showed off her en pointe skills but also broke a Guinness World Record.

Ripa was joined by 305 people who were challenged to beat the World Record for Most Ballet Dancers En Pointe Simultaneously. Among the New York City dancers were professionals from the American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet who took part in “Live”‘s “Record Breaker Week”.

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The previous record title was set in 2011 in Orlando by a record-holding number of 245 dancers.

It may have seemed like Ripa’s team had already won, given the larger number of bodies, but could they en pointe for one minute? That’s where the challenge sets in.

In order to break the world record, the dancers could not come off pointe for an entire minute. They also couldn’t touch one another, however, they were allowed to move.

Among the dancers who joined Ripa were top performers from the American Ballet Theatre, Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside, and New York City Ballet’s principal dancers Tiler Peck, Lauren Lovette and Maria Kowroski.

Before the world record attempt began, Ripa admitted that she was nervous to balance on tiptoe for one whole minute.

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“I think a minute is a lot longer than you think it is, if you’re doing anything and trying to do it well,” Ripa said to her co-host Ryan Seacrest. The talk show host also confessed that it’s been decades since she last danced en pointe.

“My plan is to smile a lot, and I think that if you’re looking at my teeth, you won’t notice my feet,” she joked. “That’s a good plan, right?”

But as soon as Ripa got on her toes, she built up confidence with every passing second. “We’re gonna do it guys, I can feel it!” she said with 20 seconds left on the clock.

The official Guinness World Record keeper began the countdown, which was echoed by the large crowd gathered on West 67th Street in New York City. And just like that Ripa was exchanging high fives with her fellow ballerinas on stage. Record complete.

The 48-year-old television personality later shared her achievement with an Instagram post captioned “Lo hicimos!” — “We did it!” in Spanish. Captured in the celebratory photo were Ripa, Boylston, Whiteside, Seacrest, Peck, Lovette, Kowroski and the record keeper.

It was a victory well earned for Ripa, who had been practicing for the big day. Last month the mother of three posted a photo wearing her pointe shoes, writing “Practice makes……um…….something?”

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And on Monday, a day before the attempt, Ripa shared another photo showing off her balancing skills.

“This job really keeps me on my toes,” read the caption. She then announced to her followers what all the ballet practice was about and invited them to join in on the fun. “Calling all ballet dancers! We are attempting @guinnessworldrecords Most Ballet Dancers En Pointe Simultaneously tomorrow Sep. 10. Go to for details. #ballerina #nycballet #pointe#guinessworldrecord.”

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