It turns out Kris Jenner has a good eye for price guessing.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” matriarch appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show”. Host James Corden and fellow comedian Reggie Watts perfectly recreated “The Price is Right”.

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Corden wanted to know how “in touch” Jenner, 62, was by playing a game of “Hi-Lo”. Jenner had to identify which three of six grocery items were the most expensive.

The prize? A brand-new rideable lawnmower. “If you were to win this tonight, would this encourage you to ride around and mow the lawn?” Corden asked. “With him?” Jenner quipped, referring to the athletic denim-suspender-wearing model atop the lawnmower.

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Jenner opened strong, not only correctly determining men’s deodorant as one of the more expensive items but also guessing the price to within one cent.

The reality star won the contest and had promised to gift it to Kanye West. Corden wrapped up the segment by informing West he would not be receiving the lawnmower.