Jennifer Aniston Dishes On The Meaning Behind Her ‘Goddess Circle’ Ritual

Jennifer Aniston is letting fans in on a special ritual she and her girlfriends have participated in for nearly 30 years.

The “Friends” alum, 50, chatted with The New York Times about her “goddess circle” where she and her gal pals sit cross-legged on cushions on the living room floor and pass around a beechwood talking stick adorned with various feathers and charms.

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Aniston views the “goddess circle” as a celebration of how far she (and her friends) have come and as a way to commemorate a new chapter. According to Aniston, they’ve used the practice a number of times in the past, before both her weddings to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, when her friends’ children were born and when she and now-ex Theroux, 48, had to put down their dog, Dolly, this past July.

The actress and six of her girlfriends also circled earlier this year, the night after their plane was forced to make an emergency landing before arriving in Mexico to celebrate Aniston’s 50th birthday trip.

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“I’m entering into what I feel is one of the most creatively fulfilling periods of my life,” she told the outlet. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I feel like it’s just about to really bloom.”

She added, “It’s taken time for me to get where I am and I put a lot of work into my craft. I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded. I’ve overcome. I’ve, you know, I’ve stayed around. I’m still here.”

Aniston’s latest project, “The Morning Show” launches on Apple TV this November.

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