HBO Unveils Deleted ‘Veep’ Scene Showing Jonah Settling Into His Role As Vice President

Its been four long months since “Veep” wrapped on HBO, but thanks to showrunner David Mandel fans are getting a new look at the series finale.

In a newly released deleted scene, viewers get a look at Selina’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) return to the White House in her new role as the President of the United States and the aftermath of naming Jonah (Timothy Simons) as her VP.

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Before the final episode concluded, fans didn’t get a long look at Jonah as VP, only in his attempt to meet with Selina, which was “pencilled into half-past go f**k yourself,” and dealing with his Chief of Staff Amy (Anna Chlumsky) and his wife/former stepsister Beth (Emily Pendergast).

In the clip, Jonah begins by bluntly asking his wife, “Hey Beth, you ever done it with a Vice President in his office before?” He later gets confused with the concept of voting as President pro tempore.

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“This is the #deletedscene of Jonah as #Veep that would have played right before the last Oval Office scene in the #VeepFinale,” Mandel wrote to Twitter. “Loved the scene and Timothy Simons, Emily Pendergast and Anna Chlumsky, but it slowed the ending down too much & delayed getting to Selina. Enjoy!”

The final season of “Veep” gathered nine nominations ahead of this year’s Emmy Awards, which air Sept. 22.

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