AnnaLynne McCord Recalled Childhood Sexual Abuse While Receiving PTSD Treatment

AnnaLynne McCord is opening up about her post-traumatic stress disorder treatment and the way it helped her recall memories of sexual abuse from her childhood.

The “90210” alum spoke to People at Mosiac Foundation’s first annual Gala Against Human Slavery in New York where she addressed the PTSD treatment she received as a result of being raped.

“I remembered a sexual assault when I was 19 years old. That was the story I knew,” McCord told the magazine. However, it wasn’t until she received the treatment that she remembered more.

“A year ago, I was in treatment for PTSD and memories of child sexual abuse came back for years all the way until I was 11 years old,” she said. “Now I know why this is my life and this is my story because it is so personal to me.”

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The actress is now the president of an anti-human trafficking organization called Together1Heart.

“To be able to be a part of something where young men and women and boys and girls have been through even worse than what I have been through in my own life, to see that they weren’t suicidal like I was, they weren’t cutting up their arms like I was, they were forgiving and loving themselves and those who did that to them, that gave me a way out. They gave me hope.”

Back in 2014, McCord wrote a personal essay inĀ Cosmopolitan in which she talked publicly about the rape for the first time and the physical abuse she faced as a child.

“My parents believed in strict ‘discipline,’ as they called it – I would call it abuse,” she wrote. “I knew my mom and dad loved me, and I loved them too. I still do. My dad always told me I could be anything I wanted to be. But at the same time, my parents hurt me, which told me they hated me.”

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