Angelina Jolie needs your help to put an end to climate change.

The “Maleficent” actress, 44, penned an emotional op-ed for TIME magazine in hopes to inform readers on how climate change is already “displacing millions of people.”

“Twenty-four million people globally are displaced within their countries each year on average because of climate- and disaster-related causes, and it’s only getting worse,” Jolie wrote. “The likelihood of any of us being displaced in this way is twice what it was in the 1970s. This comes on top of unprecedented levels of forced displacement worldwide because of conflict and persecution.

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And Jolie’s knowledge comes from first hand experiences.

“From my experiences meeting refugees all around the world, whenever people are displaced, their first instinct is to seek a practical local solution inside their own country,” she explained. “Only when that is not sustainable do they usually cross a border. And even then, they tend to remain in their region.”

She added, “The majority of refugees I have met want to return home and resume their lives. But what if there is no longer a home to go back to? What if your home is underwater? If the island where your family and people have lived for centuries has sunk under the rising oceans? Whom do you turn to for help?”

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But Jolie has a solution: “International cooperation will also be key to preventing, mitigating and resolving climate-related displacement. Many people displaced by climate change do not qualify as refugees, but how they are treated will affect the future stability of the world.”

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