Chance the Rapper says the feuds you see in hip-hop aren’t always 100 per cent organic.

The “Eternal” rapper discussed the feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj — two artists Chance has worked with — when speaking to Big Boy on Thursday.

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“A lot of that stuff is produced,” Chance said 1:12:30 into the video. “We live in… A lot of everything is curated before we get to see it. Like, all the information, the way that they phrase it to us… The way they put people against.

“It’s made for you to accept it a certain way, so a lot of people had to choose a side. I don’t want to speak for them at all but I feel, to a certain extent, they got pushed into that too, and I don’t think that all of that was a hundred per cent their feelings.”

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He praised both artists. “Just being honest, they are two of the greatest recording artists. And that’s just facts,” he exclaimed. “The way that their music touches people, the way they’ve impacted music? It’s been incredible.”

Chance released his debut studio albumĀ The Big Day in July. The project featured two collaborations with Minaj.

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