Michael Sheen Admits He Was ‘Thrown Out Of Shops’ After Growing His Hair For ‘Underworld’

Michael Sheen admitted his “Underworld” look caused him quite a bit of bother in real life during an appearance on “Late Night” Thursday.

Seth Meyers was going through all the actor’s different getups over the years, revealing how he grew, dyed and cut his own hair to look the part.

However, one ‘do in particular affected his personal life.

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When the actor grew his hair for “Underworld”, he admitted he “kept getting thrown out of shops” at the time.

Sheen, who played Lucian in the vampire/werewolf flick, continued, “The worst was when I went to pick up my daughter from an ice-skating lesson, it just so happens that the Beckhams were at the ice skating rink [as well].”

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“Victoria was friendly with my daughter’s mother, so she saw ‘him’ turning up and taking my daughter away and she called security.

“Like I was the child catcher from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.”

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