Kevin Wendt And Astrid Loch On Their Engagement, Wedding Plans And If Chris Harrison Will Officiate Their Big Day

This may be the most exciting news in “Bachelor” history: Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch are engaged.

After finding love on “Bachelor In Paradise” in 2018 and living in Toronto together, Wendt finally popped the question to Loch on August 28 — and it’s safe to say it was a dreamy proposal!

Just a couple of weeks later, the couple finally caught up with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey in Toronto to talk all about their engagement, wedding plans and whether Chris Harrison will officiate their big day.

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Photo: Ally + Nicholas Photography
Photo: Ally + Nicholas Photography

“I started on the ring shopping late April so it took a while,” the 35-year-old reveals.

“My uncle runs Wendt’s Jewellery up north by the lake. I started working with them in April, built her a custom ring that I knew she would love, but I didn’t ask her anything cause I didn’t want to give it away.”

Thankfully, he didn’t spill any secrets and surprised the 29-year-old with the most epic proposal on the Toronto Islands.

“I had no idea at all and I’m usually self-aware of knowing everything that’s going on,” Loch shares of the shocking moment.

“I kept thinking it was strange cause he was blowing his hair which he never does. I was like why are you getting so dressed up to drink beer on the Island.”

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Photo: Ally + Nicholas Photography
Photo: Ally + Nicholas Photography

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So, up next for the “Bachelor” couple? Wedding planning.

“So, we’re thinking end of next year, maybe like November because I wanna do it in Florida where I know it’s gonna be warm regardless,” Loch reveals.

In the past, several Bachelor Nation weddings have graciously been officiated by host Chris Harrison. However, this couple plans on taking a different route.

“Well, Chris Harrison will get an invite with Lauren [Zima], but they will have no requirements to work at all, they’re just coming to have a beer with me,” says Wendt.

“We have our own idea on how our wedding is gonna go. It’s gonna be a little smaller, a little more intimate.”

“We’ll have our friends from the show,” Loch says. “But that’s it,” Wendt adds.

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When it comes to their intimate ceremony, rose lovers won’t be seeing it on the small screen.

“We’re not those kind of people. I feel like it’s meant for some people, we don’t think it’s anything wrong with it. I think for us, we’ve outgrown that part,” the firefighter admits.

“I forget I met her on a show.”

Check out our full interview with the couple below.

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