Dame Maggie Smith is an icon of our time. From Professor McGonagall to Lady Violet Crawley, she is the face of the films and shows we love, but who would have guessed that she would appreciate the memes that so many of her shows have produced.

It turns out the Smith, 84, “loves a meme” according to her “Downton Abbey” co-stars.

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While on the “Jonathan Ross Show”, Michelle Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern revealed that the star enjoyed it when they showed her memes on set.

“She loves a meme. Laura and I will come in and show her a very funny meme,” Dockery said.

They also spoke about Kate Middleton’s set visit earlier this year noting that the Duchess “genuinely projected the idea that she loved the show.”

McGovern added, “I was very excited because Kate had been so enthusiastic about the show and everything.”

Although despite playing members of the Crawley family for so long, the two ladies both had issues mastering their accents.

“I started talking with an English accent, which is very shocking because of course I am American and I play an American,” McGovern said. “I’ve always played it American. I sort of panicked. It took me a few minutes and then I went right back. But it was a bit odd.”

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Where Dockery said she had the “opposite” problem after working on American roles lately.

“I had to remind myself of Mary’s voice” she recalled, admitting it came out “slightly too posh at first.”

“Downton Abbey” hits Candian theatres on Sept. 20.