Selena Gomez Reveals She Had A Crush On Cole Sprouse, He Responds

Selena Gomez has revealed one of her childhood crushes and it could not be more “relatable”.

In an adorable Instagram post on Thursday, the former Disney star shared a video in what’s presumed to be her childhood home. In the video, followers can see handwriting scrawled across the wall that reads, “Selena + Cole Sprouse forever”. However, she seems to have been caught in a love triangle because a young Selena also wrote “Selena + Juan” on her wall.

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While she may have been crushing on Cole, Gomez actually shared her first kiss with his twin brother Dylan on set. The actress-singer guest-starred on an episode of “The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody” in 2006. Her character Gwen was performing in a play with the twins when she kisses Zack (Dylan) despite being in a relationship with Cody (Cole). This was also the “Big Daddy” star’s first kiss.

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“There’s a lot of sad, depressing first-kiss stories. I was a chubby lad and I wasn’t very successful with women for a long time, but I think my first kiss was on a set and I think it might have been with Selena Gomez,” Dylan said in a 2018 interview with Young Hollywood.

When Cole learned this on social media, he responded to Gomez, writing, “always Juan-upping me.”

Other celebs to comment included Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone who pointed out she was a Spurs fan.

There’s nothing better than young love.

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