Naomi Osaka Calls Out Ellen DeGeneres For Texting Her Crush Michael B. Jordan: ‘You Just Did Me Dirty’

Two-time Grand Slam tennis star Naomi Osaka isn’t impressed Ellen DeGeneres texted her celebrity crush Michael B. Jordan on her behalf.

Osaka, 21, called out DeGeneres for messaging Jordan the last time she stopped by the show.

“Well, you know, last time I was here you just did me dirty,” Osaka says, referencing the incident.

“All I did was try to fulfil a fantasy of yours,” DeGeneres tries to explain. “You said that Michael B. Jordan was your crush, so I reached out to him, and then he texted and I think I put out there what he said. I mean he loves you, and it was just unfortunate because he didn’t get back to me in time, while you were still here, but he loves you, he really was a huge fan.”

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“You say it so nicely, I can’t even say anything,” Osaka says in response, telling DeGeneres if Jordan were there she “would be calm because I’m a calm person.”

Even though DeGeneres tried to make some match-making magic happen, Osaka didn’t follow through after Jordan invited her to see his film “Creed 2”.

“Michael B. Jordan on Twitter invited you to go see ‘Creed 2’ and you didn’t even respond to him or show up,” DeGeneres says, taking her turn to call the Japanese tennis star out. “How is that possible, I try to hook things up, I get it all set up for you, then you don’t even respond or go to the premiere. Why wouldn’t you do that?

“You’re never gonna get a man. When someone puts it out there for you, take it! Let me tell you how to get a man.”

Watch below as DeGeneres tried to set Osaka up with Jordan on the show last year.


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