Aaron Carter is fighting off Backstreet Boys fans after slamming his brother Nick Carter.

In a long-winded Twitter rant, Aaron went off on a number of topics before turning his disgust to Nick, claiming he allegedly turned his back on him and the rest of their family.

Aaron specifically called Nick out for allegedly missing the funeral of their late sister Leslie, “Nick started it by using his families shortcomings for profit when he wrote a book. Also, he didn’t even show up at our sisters FUNERAL because he had a concert at a bar two hours away and said he didn’t want to be apart of family drama when we were burying our sister Leslie.”

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When BSB fans started to hit back at Aaron, he retaliated.

“Let me guess… you’re a diehard backstreet fan,” he hit back. “Congrats.”

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The rant comes just after Aaron appeared on “The Doctors” to reveal he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Nick and Aaron’s mother, was also featured on the episode, discussed her issues with substance abuse.

In another tweet, Aaron alleges Nick doesn’t help their mother, “It’s family that should come first. Especially your mother, NICK. I get that you’re about to have another kid so I’ll let this rest but you got my number you can call me, I’m sure one of your appointees are going to relay the message since I blocked you.”

He later added, “Nick called ME two weeks ago. Not the other way around, and now. I’ve removed him from my life because he is a trigger.”

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